UT Library Directors' Award for Excellence in Library Resource Integration

More information:

Nominate a UT System online, web-enhanced or hybrid course that integrates library resources. Examples of resource integration:

  • including a link to the library in the course content;
  • having a librarian lead a discussion board exercise;
  • including a series of reading assignments from the library collection;
  • including research in the library's digital collection.

Submit the completed form by April 9, 2009. Questions? Please contact Melanie Cofield.


Nomination Form

Course Title
UT Campus
Faculty Name
Faculty E-mail
Faculty Daytime Phone
Name of Person Submitting Nomination
E-mail for Person Submitting Nomination
Delivery Method of Course
Delivery of Library Integration

Link/s to library resources or services on library website

Library resources or services embedded in online course

Librarian actively participates in course instruction

Other - Please describe delivery method:

Describe how the library's resources are integrated into the course.
(Is there a library assignment? Does the librarian interact with the course and students? What library services or resources are highlighted? What is the nature/duration of the integration?)

Describe the goals/purpose of integrating the library into the course.
(for example, what skills will students acquire in completing the assignment, is there an assessment aspect, etc.)

Describe the information technologies used in the library integration.
(e.g online course management system, digital video, online communities, wikis, blogs, online games, social media, etc.)
What information literacy skills must students use to complete the course?

Student required to demonstrate ability to access information

Student required to demonstrate ability to manage information

Student required to demonstrate ability to integrate information

Student required to demonstrate ability to evaluate information